Angelo DiGirolamo was (is) the heart and soul of the Wharf Theatre. He built the theater in 1976 with salvaged material from nearby army barracks, and opened with a production of Guys and Dolls in December 1976. Angelo ran the theater for 38 years until his death in 2014. He was 93 years young.

The curtain rose and fell on everyone at the theater except Angelo. He built the theater to have a place where everyone could come and share his passion. He was never a performer, but he lived vicariously through the actors, and was always there, smiling from his theater chair, encouraging all of us to shine. Angelo is still a huge presence at the theater. His favorite chair is still reserved for him in the second row. His smiling face is in countless pictures on the walls, and his spirit is alive in every production.

For Angelo
The List Reprise (Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado)
Lyrics by Robin Jensen and Jared Hussey

It was once upon a sometime that a builder had a dream
And so he made a list. A thoughtful little list
of a playhouse at the seaside, and of actors, sets, and scene
and for all of these he wished, for all of these he wished.

He resettled Oklahoma, opened up a Cabaret.
Then a little girl named Annie came to steal the show away.
He brought Broadway to this dockside
and put Penzance in the state.
Oh yes, this dreaming builder had created something great.
He gave us entertainment, for that is what he wished.

And he truly will be missed. He truly will be missed.